Newfoundland Big GameMoose Hunts

JB Outfitters operates a low-volume big game hunt, catering to just four big game hunters per week.

Big game moose hunts are offered with two options depending entirely on your preference. Big game moose hunts can be conducted with one hunter per guide or two hunters per guide, with each option providing you with the most personalized Newfoundland moose hunt adventure available.

With a moose population estimated at over 120,000 animals, a moose hunting season extending from mid-September until the end of December and the experienced hunting guides of JB Outfitters, your chances for a successful big game hunt are dramatically increased.

Recommended Hunting

• Neoprene knee high rubber boots, a must
• Camouflage waterproof and wind proof quiet coat and pants
• Good pair of binoculars 10-42
• Range finder
• 7-10 pairs of wool socks/underwear
• 3 pairs of light weight camouflage gloves that you can shoot with, 1 warmer pair
• Bow hunters, fixed blade broad heads 125 grain
• Breathable Under garment body layer pants and shirts, a must
• Hunting ball cap and winter hat
• 2 boxes of ammunition, practice range on first day, if needed
• 3 pairs of hunting pants
• Wind check bottle
• Camera
• GPS (optional)
• Barrel laser gauge (optional)
• Light weight good rain gear
• Practice quick standing off-hand shooting (most shots 100-150 yards)
• 4 pairs of Merino Wool Socks • Shorts that are not Briefs (to prevent chaffing from walking)
• Zinc ointment or small container of baby powder, or deodorant (to prevent becoming sore from perspiration)

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Moose Hunt

Hunting Policy: Any animal wounded and lost in the process of the hunt, is owned by the hunter and the hunt for that animal is over. Wounded or dead, it is yours.

Canada Customs will require a Passport and a firearms declaration for all rifles / shotguns brought into Canada.

Rifle - Starts second Saturday in September.

Bow - Starts two weeks prior to rifle but can be used through the rifle season.

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